3-piece - Sea ​​adventure

178,00 zł tax incl.


Pillowcase 40cm x 60cm. The pillowcase is safely zipped without holder so that the baby couldn't put the holder in mouth. There aren't any embroideries on the pillow, which makes the pillow even safer for the baby. The product is 100% cotton.

Duvet cover. Beautiful in its simplicity. Safely zipped, and besides the zip is covered with an extra pleat which makes the zip invisible and thus makes the cover perfectly safe for your baby. The cover is two-sided. It's 100% cotton interlocked thread.

Protectors for crib rungs 30cm x 180 cm. The protector is 100% cotton. It's filled with high-quality polyester fiber of considerable 400g gramming, which protects the baby from unexpected hits. A great advantage of the protector is 9 wide and strong straps, which provide extra reliability. Thanks to the straps the protector won't slip or bend.

Important! Our company on a daily basis cooperates with mothers and nursery nurses. In consultation with them we have designed a protector 300cm long, which prevents the baby from accidental hand or leg bending is side rungs of a crib. This level of safety is not provided by standard protectors. Besides, in accordance with legal regulations, but also our best experience, the protector won't block bottom, safe part of the crib, allowing free air intake.