Mask anti-smog

99,00 zł tax incl.

Air pollution has become a problem which poses a serious threat to our health. In order to protect your family, children in particular, from tars and other harmful, toxic substances, we recommend to use an anti-pollution mask.

This solution cannot eliminate the pollution, but it can help us be safer. Our masks adhere to face perfectly, and filter the air very well. The removable filter is the central part of our mask. It prevents the user from breathing in particles PM 10 and PM 2.5, it stops particles of ash, dust, fumes, bacteria, dioxins and furans. Our five-layer filter also has a part made of activated carbon, which provides extra protection from gaseous pollutants such as nitric oxide or sulphur dioxide. The filter should be changed after 36 hours of use, and the mask should be washed. The set includes a mask, two spare filters and a stylish case for storing the mask.

The mask is made of 100% cotton, which feels soft and pleasant. Our masks are available in many original patterns. There is a hidden clip in the trim, which facilitates adhering the mask to face and provides better tightness. The length can be modified thanks to the use of elastic band.

 The masks are available it two sizes – for adults and children (caution! children must be at least 4 years old)