Set for a nursery or kindergarten + free satchel

124,00 zł tax incl.

A perfect, practical set for a nursery or kindergarten. Also excellent for car travel and holidays. A safe, soft set made of 100% cotton of adequate thickness. The filling is an atested and certifed silicone fibre, which is breathable, does not sensitize and does not keep moisture. Thanks to a proper thermoregulation your baby can feel perfectly well in any season. The set will make any nap outside home a pleasure for your baby. An extra advantage is that it can be washed easily without having to remove the case.

The set has two straps which enable to put the set together making it a pillow. It looks very attractive and provides extra safety as the parts can’t be lost. The set can be used as a pillow during car travel.

Dimensions of the plaid: 140x100 cm

Dimensions of the pillow: 50x35 cm

Size tolerance: +/- 2 cm