129,27 zł

Our offer includes rail protectors for beds in two sizes:

360 cm rail protector – for bed in size 120 cm x 60 cm

420 cm rail protector – for bed in size 140 cm x 70 cm

Bed rail protectors 30 cm x 360 cm or 420 cm are made of 100% cotton. They are filled with high-quality polyester fiber of considerable 400g gramming (thickness – 4cm), which protects the baby from unexpected hits.

Protectors covering the full size of the bed provide maximum safety for your child.

The protector has 19 wide and strong straps, which provide extra reliability. Thanks to the straps, the protector won't slip or bend. When the straps are tied, they decorate the bed as bows/ The protector can be unfold completely.

BOY WITH A BOAT pattern is an application of a boy with a boat. The bolster of the protector has the pattern of a boy with a boat, the other three sides have white cotton and blue zig-zags.


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